Partial list of publications
Jean Renard Ward

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Selected Publications:

"One view of outstanding problems in handwriting recognition systems",
3rd International Conference on Handwriting Recognition and Applications, Montreal, Quebec, April 1990.

"UNIX as a development tool for a non-UNIX microprocessor",
CommUNIXations, Vol. V No. 5, August/September 1985.

"Interactive Recognition of Handprinted Characters for Computer Input",
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Vol. 5 No. 9, September 1985.

"Under the Hood: Digitizer Technology and Pen Computing",
BYTE Magazine, January, 1993.

"Digitizer technology: Performance characteristics and the effects on the user interface",
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, April 1987.

"Issues in the validity of testing protocols and criteria for on-line recognition of handwritten text",
presented at the 3rd International Conference on Handwriting and Applications, July 1987.

"A model for variability effects in hand-printing, with implications on the design of on-line character recognition systems",
IEEE Trans. on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, May 1988.

"Automatic Grading of German Sentences in a Computer-driver Tutorial using the TICS system",
S.B. thesis on grammatical/syntactic analysis of written German, M.I.T. 1973. Material also published in "Foreign Language Annals", 1974.

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